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Service Hotline: 182-0217-8891

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  • 01 Economic Practical Wooden case packing can be recycled and reused, and can be used 100 %.
  • 02 Quality assurance ISO quality system certification enterprise, strict quality control, ensure customer product safety and convenience.
  • Service Hotline:182-0217-8891
  • 03 Fragile damage The protection of fragile items is very good, preventing damage during transportation.
  • 04 Security firm Years of production experience, reasonable production plan, through professional testing, strong and durable.
  • 05 Cheap and fine All kinds of professional woodworking machines are complete,save time and effort,and give the best benefit to customers.

Our packing will allow your products to travel around the world

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Service Hotline: 182-0217-8891

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Shanghai jingxian packing materials co., LTD. Is a packaging supplier integrating design, production and sales. Main products: wood products (wooden pallets, wooden cases) paper products (cartons, color boxes) plastic products (plastic pallets, plastic containers) packaging materials (packing tape, sealing bags) etc.

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